The split design of this open-close bushing allows side entry and encirclement of pre-assembled harnesses, capillary tubes or other assemblies.

Drawing PDF:  
UL94:   V2  
Measures expressed in: Millimeters

Hole size (A)
Panel thickness (G)
01012000144 12,70 3,20 14,30 10,30  
01012000145 15,90 3,20 18,20 10,30  
01012000146 19,00 3,20 20,60 10,30  
01012000147 22,20 3,20 23,40 10,30  
01012000148 25,40 3,20 27,00 10,30  
01012000149 27,80 3,20 30,20 10,30  
01012000170 31,80 3,20 37,30 10,30  
01012000150 34,90 3,20 37,30 10,30  
01012000151 38,10 3,20 40,10 10,70  

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This universal and adjustable bushing is designed for many applications, for example to protect wire, cable, tubing or irregular shaped items from sharp, unfinished edges. The specially designed, resilient multiple supports absorb shock and vibration, and adjust to accept various diameters and shapes.   The membrane grommet handles an exceptional large cable span and is equipped with a pop-out membrane providing a wider range of applications than traditional membrane grommet. With the pop-out membrane you have a sealed cap but even after passing a cable you maintain a guaranteed IP67 standard. The grommet needs no further installation tools and works extremely well even if cables pass through at extreme angles.  
This semi-blind grommet is ideal to protect wires and cables passing through metal sheet. It installs instantly, it just has to simply snap into the hole. It also blanks holes for later insertion of cables etc., it permits to lock into round or oval holes. Moreover, it protects against ingress of water and dust.   This semi-blind grommet is ideal to protect cables and wires passing through metal panels. Our semi-blind grommet is quick and simple to install.  

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