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The LHVS leveling feet with ball joint offer the following characteristics and combinations:

* Maximum inclination of 27º.
* Hexagonal nut to facilitate height adjustment once mounted on the furniture.
* Stud made of galvanized steel (ZCS).
* Trim made of ANSI 430 stainless steel (SS).
* Anti-slip base made of thermoplastic elastomer material (TPE).
* Possibility of manufacturing in special colors under request.

Material:  LDPE   ZCS   SS   TPE  
Standard colors: Black / RAL colors manufactured 
Drawing PDF:  
Measures expressed in: Millimeters

Metric Thread (M)
Max. Tilting degree (W)
03900200100 M8 25,00 32,50 12,00 27º      
03900200101 M8 30,00 32,50 12,00 27º      
03900200102 M8 40,00 32,50 12,00 27º      
00301201560 M10 25,00 32,50 12,00 27º      
00301201561 M10 30,00 32,50 12,00 27º      
00301201562 M10 40,00 32,50 12,00 27º      
03900200103 M10 60,00 32,50 12,00 27º      
03900200104 M10 70,00 32,50 12,00 27º      

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