This round flat stop is suitable for wooden furniture legs. It is pressed into the hole in the leg so that it is well supported by the surface grooving and, unlike the outer stops, it is practically invisible to the eye.

We have variants in different materials depending on the properties that are sought:

* POM: Provides good sliding and low friction.
* TPE: Provides a good anti-slip effect, in addition to a remarkable noise damping (sound-reducing property).
* FELT: Perfect for delicate floors such as parquet. Not recommended for concrete floors and tile floors. The felt provides sound-reducing properties and a good glide.
* PLA + PBAT: Alternative made of a biodegradable and compostable composite material. Provides a certain degree of slip with low friction.

*** The depth of the hole will determine how much the top of the end of the leg will protrude.

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Measures expressed in: Millimeters
BIO Line: BIO LINE the following references are also available in environment friendly materials. Contact our Commercial Office for more information.

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