Dip Molding is the process carried out by means of a tank filled with cold liquid PVC where a mold with a multitude of figures is introduced at a higher temperature. When the PVC is fixed, the pieces are formed (different thicknesses are achieved by submerging it more or less times). Once molded, the mold is removed from the tank, and the pieces are treated, cooled down and removed from the mold. We produce a wide range of inside diameters with infinite possibilities of lengths, so if you don't find the desired size and / or design, please contact us .

The parts, manufactured in standard black color, do not require the addition of special additives to protect them from ultraviolet (UV) rays and are ideal if exposed to the elements .

Drawing PDF:  
Measures expressed in: Millimeters

Maximum range of length (L)
00401000019 10,00 19,00  
00402140025 21,40 25,00  
00403000025 30,00 25,00  
00405400038 54,00 38,00  
00405600300 56,00 300,00  
00406000120 60,00 120,00  
00407000038 70,00 38,00  
00407300080 73,00 80,00